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Anyone who knows me well, knows that as a general rule I'm not particularly girly in the usual ways. Or at least I didn't used to be. In fact, for a long time I used to always be about one step behind on any and all trends. As a young girl I ended up getting into the odd trend of the day, but usually a few weeks after everyone else. While a few weeks may not seem like a big deal, in kid world that's an eternity. I wasn't into Spice Girls until right before Geri left the group. I wasn't never properly obsessed with boybands. Now I enjoy Backstreet Boys, N*SYNC and all the rest for the ironic nostalgia factor. I think back on all the silly crazes that sped through the playground at my elementary school and there were a few that I was with from the beginning, others...not so much. Beanie Babies was the only craze I beat everyone else too. I was with Pogs, marbles, Animorphs, Pokemon, yo-yos and Crazy Bones. But things like Britney and Christina songs or jelly bracelets were met with my 12 year old skepticism.

So perhaps this explains my skepticism towards trends and crazes today. Fashion-wise as a kid I wore clothes from Northern Getaway for years. I also didn't really get to pick my clothes - my mom pretty much controlled that. For several years she tried in vain to curb my tomboy tendencies by placing me in dresses, skirts and bright coloured tights. The result was me going out at recess and ruining the outfit and having to wear my gym clothes the rest of the school day. Or at the very least, I ripped the tights. When she finally gave up on that, she settled for making me wear a skirt or dress the first day of school every year until about Grade 7. Somewhere in my young life we reached an agreement that there would be no more dresses and we would make due with skirts. Then suddenly all my dress clothes became pants. Controlling the type of clothes (dresses vs. pants) was the only way I had much say in my clothing.

This has gone on for years, until quite recently actually, helped in large part because I wore a uniform for high school. Wearing a kilt with knee socks in the middle of the Canadian winter will definitely lead to you loving your ugly khaki uniform pants. When I went to university I suddenly needed clothes and I settled on the jeans and t-shirt combo I'd always wore outside of school. I'm also one of those people who, upon finding something I like, will buy the same thing in multiple colours. The result has been a transition from plain round neck t-shirts (primarily from Smart Set), t-shirts with writing on them (primarily from Campus Crew and Old Navy), to plain v-neck t-shirts (again, mostly from Smart Set), to polo shirts (primarily from Old Navy), to t-shirts with writing on them (from and now finally to some weird combination dominated primarily by t-shirts (both plain or writing) with some collared shirts ones from H&M and Smart Set, with some different 'dressy' t-shirt styles beginning to creep in in the past year.

However, the real change? Somewhere along the lines I became a bit girly in that I discovered I like shoes. A lot. While I have strong will-power and will usually only buy shoes if I need them for something (helped by the fact that I have size 10 feet and most stores never seem to carry my size), I began buying nice shoes to replace my old worn out sneakers. This my friends is how you turn a tomboy into a girl. Buy her fun shoes. Somehow I transitioned from sneakers to 2 inch stilletos without batting an eye. I own a few dressy flats, but the shoes I love the most tend to be the ones with some height.

The shoes were the starting point, but somehow in the past two years I became obsessed with dresses. Now I suspect this is a direct result of having spent a year studying abroad in Sweden where a lot of my Swedish friends wore dresses on a regular basis during the day - a foreign concept to a jeans and t-shirt girl like me. Not only that, Europeans "dress up" just for a regular day. Feeling consistantly under dressed in normal social situations will eventually lead to a shift in your style.

The first four months or so that I was there I only really had one skirt for social functions as well. Student life in Uppsala, Sweden has a lot of formal/semi-formal social functions. One outfit worn over and over and over again is pretty sad. So I began to develop this idea that I needed dresses. Not the change there - dresses, not skirts. I owned three skirts (1 which was from 2005, one from 2006 and bought on sale because I felt I needed a black skirt and one from my grade 11 semi formal in 2004) and three dresses (one black dress for gr. 12 semi formal, one spring dress for high school graduation 2005 and my prom dress from 2005). I only bought two dresses during my time in Europe (one a semi-formal party dress, the other more of a summer dress specifically to bring back for my sister's high school graduation), but that mindset remained. Last summer I bought two more dresses and here was the big difference - they could be day dresses. A black knit sweater dress that can be dressed up or dressed down and a dark blue/turqoise shirt dress with the same ability to be classed up or worn during the day. (Both from Smart Set.) Along comes fall and suddenly I buy another two dresses - a casual purple knit dress (from H&M) and a kimono style dress (t-shirt like material from Smart Set and with the right accessories, semi-formal attire or just to go clubbing) to wear to a New Year's party I'd be going to in Sweden.

Now it's spring and I've already bought three more dresses - one a cute little black semi-formal dress for $15 on sale (Smart Set) bought on spec, an evening gown for the ball I'll be attending in a few weeks and a turquoise summer dress from Urban Planet simply because I thought it looked cute. In about the course of one year beginning in Spring 2008 until now I have bought a total of 9 dresses and if I had the money I probably would have bought more. Add in the fact that as a kid I always had short hair so when I returned from Sweden with long hair (I went a year without a haircut because haircuts there are ridiculously expensive and I wanted to grow my hair anyway) it was quite a surprise to most people.

However, the transition to full blown girl is not yet complete. I still hate make-up and only bust it out for special occassions. My reason? If I look like crap all the time, when I do put some effort in with make-up the difference is ridiculous in a very good way. Everyone knows someone who wears make-up all the time and the one time they show up to something without make-up everyone immediately asks if they're alright. Proof that this works? On a a few occassions I have shown up to formal affairs and had people do massive double-takes because they didn't recognize me. So while I'll dress it up a bit clothes-wise, but don't expect me to break out the cosmetics on a daily basis anytime soon.

Also - the reason why behind this post? I went shopping yesterday and bought new shoes. Gladiator sandals actually from Aldo. If that's not a massive step towards being a trend whore, I don't know what is.


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